Photography 2012


During the spring, summer and fall of 2012 I was able to snap over 8,000 images of plants, landscapes and horticultural subjects. Although this sounds like a lot it was far short of my goal of 12,000 images. This was due to a heavy work schedule at the garden center, landscaping and teaching an extra college Photoshop summer class. Also in south eastern Wisconsin (USA) we had a very early hot spring and a severe summer draught. Plants flowered earlier, length of blooms was shortened and by the end of the summer foliage was fried. But to my surprise I added over 500 different plants to my inventory

As I look out the window of my office, at the pile of snow from our last storm, I can't wait to start photographing again. Just purchased a Nikon D600 and added a Tamaron SP24-70, F2.8 Di VC, lens. An improvement over my trusty Nikon D300. The D600 takes images at around 22 megs per shot. I will need to add a few terabytes of storage space by the end of the summer.

Not to count but I have uploaded over 21,000 images of plants to various sites on the internet. Each image was enhanced through Photoshop