Plant Stock Photos has thousands of plant images that are not yet uploaded to the royalty free Plant Stock Photos database. If there is a particular plant stock photo that you are looking for – maybe you need a photo of a flowering cactus for your botany thesis, a photo of foliage plants for your landscaping brochure, a hardscape or landscape that you’re not seeing here, or just a different view of plants already in the plant photo database, use the form provided to send Plant Stock Photos a request for the plant image that you need. Plant Stock Photos will send you a confirmation notice when your requested plant images are posted here on Plant Stock Photos for royalty free purchase. 

If you don’t feel like waiting to see what other royalty free plant stock photos are available, please take a look at Plant Stock Photos’ parent site; Plants To Grow. At Plants To Grow you will find a plant information database of over 3,100 different plants, and over 12,800 plant images that can be added to Plant Stock Photos’ royalty free database at your request.

Plant Stock Photos’ catalog represents over 25 years of loving dedication to the capturing of horticultural imagery. Many garden centers, landscapers, and academic researchers have found the exact plant photo that they needed to complete their website, paper, or horticultural brochure on Plant Stock Photos. If there is any type of plant image that you can not find in Plant Stock Photos’ royalty free plant photo database, please do not hesitate to tell us how Plant Stock Photos can better serve your plant stock photography needs.

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